Whitecross - Unveiled (CD)

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  • Christian Rock
  • 1994 R.E.X. Music
  • For fans of: Bon Jovi, Van Halen

Having ruled the Christian pop and metal charts in the early 90's, by 1994 Whitecross fans had no idea what to expect since this would be the first album without legendary axeman, Rex Carroll. Thus, the 1994 release "unveiled" the new Whitecross line up and how they would sound together. The result was a collective sigh of relief when fans were greeted with a gritty melodic hard rock/metal album to be proud of. "Unveiled" will still appeal to fans of Extreme, Bride, Guardian, Tesla, and Stryper. But just to make this release even better, Retroactive Records has added the never-before-released '86 Whitecross two song demo that got the band signed to Pure Metal Records. So now you can hear the demo versions of "Lookin' For A Reason" and "He Is the Rock." The demo shows that Rex Carroll's guitar playing was pure brilliance from day one!

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