Global Wave System - Life Equals Death (CD) INDUSTRIAL like mortal

  • Industrial
  • 1993 Intense
  • For fans of: Everdown, Staple, Fanmail, Driver Eight, Ap2

After hearing stuff like Circle Of Dust, Mortal, etc...this is one cd in the genre of Christian industrial I find I like better than most secular industrial itself. This is similar to Skinny Puppy in the haphazardly spoken/snarled lyric style as well as the programmed aspect. But Skinny Puppy was more bizarre and even defied industrial itself. Global Wave System sticks to a formula of nu-wave 80's as far as the melody goes. But don't let that throw you, despite the Christian theme that runs through, the album is quite dark (not poppish at all really). If you've only heard stuff like Circle Of Dust or Skillet, you may find this is far more weird. Global Wave doesn't use noise 100 % like Mental Destruction either. The style here however relies more on dark, pulsating synth melodies, percussion and vocal distortion. It can seem flat at first, I know I thought it did...the only thing that kept it interesting were those dark melodies. After time I grew to appreciate what was going on here. As said, alot of this hearkens to the harsh nu-wave/programmed feel akin to what Ministry and Skinny Puppy were doing circa '86 - '88. There's melancholic stuff like 'Yukionna' that hearkens to Skinny Puppy's 'Harsh Stone White'. 'Deathstroke To Youth' is a warped, upbeat tune with distortion that resembles Puppy's 'S.K.U.M.M. (Human Disease). But then Global Wave System can sink even deeper into the darkness. Stuff like 'Warfare Prayer' is so minimalistic yet goose-bump excellent DARK melody but soooo deep. There's plenty more of these types of darker dives as well. I love the dark yet futuristic feel Global Wave's style paints...perfect for driving or casual listening. Highly recommended, not only do you get it some nicely manipulated programmed industrial, you get VERY Christianly advocated messages in EVERY song. Probably the most underrated band in industrial, they took the Skinny Puppy formula and acted on it very professionally. But in '93 when this came out who cared? Sad but true...yet you can still appreciate it so get it. - Matt Williams

1. Soul like Ice
2. It Was Born There
3. 2cinc!
4. Yukionna
5. Warfare Prayer
6. To Live is Christ Commitment
7. Life Equals Death
8. It's Only Natural
9. Deathstroke to Youth
10. X
11. So Fearful I.G.S.E.B.
13. Ears Plug Out
14. Compassion Deathstroke

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