Deliverance Recorded Live Vol 1. (Intense Records Presents)

Sold out
  • New Sealed CD
  • 1993 Intense Records
  • Includes the Stryper Song (Surrender)

If you like old school Thrash Metal this is a good buy, for Deliverance fans, a must.

This is a live jam session, something similar to Metallica's $5.98 ep back in the 80's. That said is really cool, you can hear the guys making some jokes, just plain been silly and of course plying hard and fast in their early style. The are six songs, the first a great cover of the song Surrender, from Stryper's second album Soldiers under Command. 

  1. In Studio 0:53
  2. Surrender 4:59
  3. No Love 3:19
  4. In Studio 0:16
  5. This Present Darkness 2:39
  6. In Studio 0:56
  7. Stay Of Execution 4:19
  8. In Studio 0:23
  9. The Call 4:57
  10. In Studio 0:10
  11. No Time 5:17

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