Kashee Opeiah - Panic In Solitude (CD)

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Death Metal
2007 Whirlwind Records
For fans of:Saphena, Today Rising, Selfminded, Sacrificium, Bury My Sins, Falling Cycle, Black the Sky, Jesus Wept

1. As the Sirens Call
2. Farewell, Endless War
3. Now that I am Sated
4. After this Act of Deliverance
5. Kept by a Numerical Control
6. In the Hour of Brokeness
7. Similar to a Fairy Tale
8. Awoken to the Analogy
9. Dare a Leap in the Dark
10. Within the Thoughts of a Puppet
11. Oh, Endless Ocean! Oh, Poor Me!
12. Even Though it has to Stop Somehow

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