Kekal - The Habit of Fire (CD)

Kekal - The Habit of Fire (CD)

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  • Alternative
  • 2007 Whirlwind Records
  • For fans of:Shaolin Death Squad, Gire, Drottnar, Darth Vegas, Polkadot Cadaver, Cronian

"The Habit of Fire" is the band's first (and only) concept-album so far, with over 70 minutes epic concept album that incorporates elements from jazz, prog-rock, post-rock, trip-hop, industrial, ambient, electronic and experimental/avant-garde music.Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__

It marks as the 2nd highest selling album from Kekal after "1000 Thoughts of Violence" (2003), and the highest selling songs from digital download sales. The CD got a mainstream distribution in USA briefly within a year of the album release.

Album Line-Up:
- Jeff Arwadi
- Azhar Levi Sianturi
- Leo Setiawan

With special guests:
- Jason DeRon (additional guitar on "Escapism")
- Kenny Cheong (fretless bass on "Escapism")
- Safrina (vocals on "Saat Kemarau")
- Didi Priyadi (additional solo guitar on "Isolated I")
Jason DeRon and Kenny Cheong are members of ALTERA ENIGMA. Didi Priyadi is a member of IN MEMORIAM.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jeff Arwadi

Recorded at:
Vision Studio, Jakarta - Indonesia
Studio Vertigo, Melbourne - Australia
Didi's place, Jakarta - Indonesia
Jeff's Mobile Laptop Recording, anywhere else
Mixed at Vision Studio
Mastered by Jeff Arwadi at The Secret Room

Cover artwork & layout by Jeff Arwadi / Soundmind Graphics
Hand-drawn illustration by Azhar Levi Sianturi

1. Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle
2. The Gathering of Ants
3. Isolated I
4. Manipulator Generals(Part I of Dictatorship)
5. Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously
6. To Whom it May Concern
7. Free Association
8. Historicity and State of Mind (Part II of Dictatorship)
9. Postlude: Saat Kemarau
10. A Real Life to Fear About
11. Escapism