Few Left Standing - Wormwood (CD)

  • Christian Rock
  • 2002 Takehold
  • For fans of:Training for Utopia, Society's Finest, Overcome, Still Breathing, Falling Cycle, Born Blind, Selfmindead, Jesus Wept

Few Left Standing was a Christian metal band that primarily played Christian hardcore and was signed to Takehold Records. The band's debut album was produced by Living Sacrifice frontman, Bruce Fitzhugh.[3][4] The band has toured with Underoath, Narcissus, and Tantrum of the Muse.


1. Burn Me to the Ground
2. The Latest Fad
3. What's the Use
4. Kneel Down and Fight
5. Against All
6. Contemplating Spiritual Suicide
7. The Pursuit of Happiness
8. Give Credit Where Credit is Due
9. No Apology
10. 10,000 Angry Hardcore Kids
11. Identity Crisis
12. Educate the Ignorant
13. Wormwood

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