Officer Negative - The Death Campaign Project (CD) For Fans of: Black Flag, Sex Pistols

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Punk / Pop Punk
2004 Solid State Records
For fans of: Black Flag, Sex Pistols

Rising from the ashes of Officer Negative is the Death Campaign Project, a massive, chugging monolith of burly metal. This wall of sound style album is 9 tracks of rolling drums, screaming guitars and vocals, including "The Dawn Breaks," "Palpable Illusion," "Several Tiers Below," and more.

Tracks -- 1. The Dawn Breaks 2. The Palpable Illusion 3. Warmth 4. Several Tiers Below 5. Pile Of Broken Tools 6. Reality Of Emptiness 7. The Winter Has Past 8. The Knife 9. Woven As One

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