SHOUT - IN YOUR FACE *Scratch And Dent

Sold out
Some black marker and scratches on the plastic only. Other than than it's new and sealed perfect condition. 
  • Transparent Purple Vinyl with Yellow Splatter
  • Includes 12x12, 2-sided, full color printed insert
  • Black poly-lined sleeve
  • Remastered for Vinyl
  • Ships in a No Regret Bufferzone Mailer

IN YOUR FACE is one of those full-throttle albums that never lets up. Every track on this album is strong, leaving nothing held back. Flying virtuoso guitar work at its best. To have it on vinyl in the USA after all these years is exciting and it's going to sound amazing.  When it was originally released in 1989, 30 years ago, sold nearly 40,000 copies within the first month. The title track IN YOUR FACE won a dove award for the title track hard music song in 1990.  It's now been remanufactured for vinyl that supports 180 gram and you are about to understand why Ken Tamplin and Chuck King make a guitar duo like no other. 


  1. Borderline 
  2. When The Love Is Gone 
  3. Give Me An Answer 
  4. Faith, Hope, And Love 
  5. Gettin’ Ready 


  1. In Your Face 
  2. Getting On With Life 
  3. Waiting On You 
  4. Moonlight Sonata 
  5. It’s All I Need 
  6. Ain’t Givin’ Up (The Pay The Bills Song)

What is Limited Run Vinyl?

Limited Run Vinyl is short run vinyl that are limited to just 100 or 200 copies and will never be repressed. All Limited Run Vinyl are pressed in a cool random color. They are all 180 Gram, poly-lined black inner sleeves, completely remastered for vinyl and come with RipStream.  How do you know if your vinyl is a Limited Run Vinyl? Just look for the Limited Run Vinyl logo on the back.

 Each pressing is limited to just 100 or 200 copies max never to be re-pressed again.  They are 180 Gram and come with a high quality black poly-lined sleeve as well as a free RipStream digital download. These are truly limited and will run out fast. You'll want to get in on these early. Some of these will sell out within 24-48 hours.

Eco-Mix is a specialty random colored vinyl. They could be ANY color, as well as mixed or swirled. We do not know what color they will turn out to be. The mock you see here is from a previous eco-mix pressing. They are environmentally safe and ridiculously cool.

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When music is remastered for vinyl it simply means that we are not trying to make it as loud as possible. Quite the opposite. We are allowing these releases to breathe and have the dynamics that were intended on the original recordings. We enhance the sound with more modern EQ techniques and letting the music speak. 

Yes. We will be adding more soon, so keep checking back.

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