Jerusalem - Can't Stop Us Now (Vinyl)

by Girder Music
  • 80's Rock
  • Refuge

The English version of Vi Kan Inte Stoppas

Jerusalem's message was primarily aimed at youth, with their lyrics describing the band's relationship to God in an ordinary, but radical way. The band's purpose was expressly evangelistic. Their concerts have been described as a series of revival meetings which often included altar calls and occasionally exorcisms.[1] When the band first toured in the mid-1970s in Sweden, their combination of Christian lyrics with a hard rock sound was very controversial. The band was only permitted to perform at a few churches.

Over time, Jerusalem gained broader acceptance, and after three years of touring record companies began making offers to record the band. The Christian record company Prim signed Jerusalem, without much expectation of success. However, the band's self-titled debut album, Jerusalem, became an instant hit among Christian listeners, and within the first six months the record sold 20,000 copies, unheard of within the genre of Christian rock in Europe.

  1. Can't Stop Us Now
  2. Loves You More
  3. The Wind Is Blowing
  4. Tomorrow's World
  5. The Waiting
  6. Let's Go (Dancin')
  7. Mourner's Parade
  8. Read Between The Lines
  9. The Missing Piece
  10. Heartbeat

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