P.O.D. Satellite (2021 Expanded Edition) (2xCD) (New CD)

  • 2-CD Set
  • 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Remastered Original (15 Songs Disc One)
  • Rare B-Sides, remixes (12 Songs Disc Two)
  • ALIVE Acoustic Version
  • 4 Previously Unreleased Demos*
  • 4 Remixes 
  • Release date 9/3/2021

Two CDs. Satellite: 20th Anniversary Edition is a 27-song collection introduces a newly remastered version of the original album on disc one, plus 4 remixes, a selection of rarities and four previously unreleased demos, including "Alive (Semi-acoustic Version)" on Disc two.  27 SONGS. 

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In 2001, P.O.D. released its fourth studio album Satellite, a triple-platinum smash that remains the hard rock band’s best-selling album. 

SATELLITE: 20th ANNIVERSARY CD EDITION is available as a double-CD. Released a few days before the album’s official anniversary on September 11, the 27-song collection introduces a newly remastered version of the original album, plus a selection of rarities, remixes, and four previously unreleased demos, including “Alive (Semi-acoustic Version). The bonus disc includes b-sides like “Critic” and “Sabbath” that were initially released in Europe, plus remixes for “Boom” by The Crystal Method and “Youth Of The Nation” by Mike$ki.

Album History

P.O.D. enjoyed a taste of mainstream success in 1999 with the arrival of its third studio album – and major-label debut – The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. That platinum album primed the pump for an even more significant commercial breakthrough two years later with Satellite. After debuting at #6 on the Billboard 200, the record went on to sell more than seven million copies worldwide, including three million in the U.S. The record generated four singles: the title track, “Alive,” “Youth Of The Nation,” and “Boom.” In addition to its commercial success, Satellite also earned P.O.D. three Grammy® nominations for: “Alive” (Best Hard Rock Performance, 2002), “Portrait” (Best Metal Performance, 2003), and “Youth Of The Nation” (Best Hard Rock Performance, 2003). 

P.O.D. Kicked Off Satellite Tour On August 14 which began in Sturgis, SD, at the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The group played concerts across North America, including the Satellite Tour’s last show in their hometown of San Diego on October 7.


Disc One: Original Album Remastered

  1. “Set It Off”
  2. “Alive”
  3. “Boom”
  4. “Youth Of The Nation”
  5. “Celestial”
  6. “Satellite”
  7. “Ridiculous” (featuring Eek-A-Mouse)
  8. “The Messenjah”
  9. “Guitarras De Amor”
  10. “Anything Right” (featuring Christian of Blindside)
  11. “Ghetto”
  12. “Masterpiece Conspiracy”
  13. “Without Jah, Nothin’” (featuring H.R. of Bad Brains)
  14. “Thinking About Forever”
  15. “Portrait”

Disc Two: B-Sides & Remixes

  1. “Ridiculous” – Demo *
  2. “Hold You Again” – Demo *
  3. “Don’t Try To Play Me Out” – Demo *
  4. “Armageddon” – Demo *
  5. “Critic”
  6. “Sabbath”
  7. “School Of Hard Knocks”
  8. “Alive” – Semi-acoustic Version
  9. “Rock The Party” – RTP Remix
  10. “Youth Of The Nation” – Conjure One Remix
  11. “Youth Of The Nation” – Mike$Ki Remix
  12. “Boom” – The Crystal Method Remix

*previously unreleased


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