Sweet Comfort (New/Sealed Vinyl) 1977 Maranatha! Bryan Duncan


We search high and low for rare vinyl.í«ÌÎ_ This is one of the best examples.í«ÌÎ_ This baby is sealed.í«ÌÎ_ 1977 Maranatha! Sweet Comfort, the first album by Sweet Comfort before they were called sweet comfort band. HS-033.í«ÌÎ_ There are numerous used (and scratched) copies on the market, but we never see this sealed. We only have this one copy.í«ÌÎ_ Some funky soul music and some real rockers on this one.

  1. It's So Fine
  2. Ryan's Song
  3. Childish Things
  4. Ket It Go
  5. Your Life
  6. Somebodys Loves You
  7. His Name is Whispered
  8. God's Got a Plan
  9. Get Ready
  10. When I Was Alone


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