Hurricane Relief

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Sept 15th - Saturday

Thanks to many who stepped up, we were able to purchase a decent sized generator today from Harbor Freight today. THANK YOU to all who donated.

More updates coming tomorrow. Been an exhausting and long day. 


Sept 14th - Friday

We hoped the forecasters were wrong, but they we only 2 miles off.  Cities in and around Wilmington, NC such as Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Island and especially New Bern were hit hard by 110 mph pounding wind and rain. 

The people of Wilmington and the surrounding communities need your help. We are only 1/2 way through this devastating hurricane. Roads are floods, trees are down and 1/2 million people are without power.  Essential resources are nowhere to be found.  

We are going to begin to set up a staging area for a massive relief effort in and around Wilmington as well as team up with other groups and organizations. 

We can get supplies in from South Carolina and Virginia, but we need your financial assistance to do so.  Without your help, we can't help. 

2 have died in Wilmington, NC  


Sept 13th - Thursday (2:00pm)

We are being told that when we lose power, which we will, to expect it to not be restored for 2-3 weeks.  We obviously hope that is blow way out of proportion, however it is not uncommon for that to take place.  This is going to be a direct hit on Topsail Island, NC.  We live in Hampstead, NC which is just across the Intercostal waterway. We can see Topsail Island from our front door. 

We've set up a donation link to help us purchase generators, a trailer to haul debris, and thousands of dollars in supplies we will need, which is going to be our best situation. Worst is we are homeless. If you or anyone you know are in a position to help, we would greatly appreciate it. Anything, even $25 will help. We have had many of our friends and customers step up. Thank you in advance for help and passing the link on to anyone that can/will help.


  • Cash Donations
  • Bottled Water (Stores resources are depleted here)
  • Bulk Food Donations to Supply a Mobile Kitchen
  • Tarps, Gloves, Trash Bags, Tools, Dust Masks
  • Generators, Fans, Shop Vacs, Dehumidifiers
  • Baby Formula, Diapers, Hygiene Products
  • Cleaning Supplies, Bleach, Clean-Up-Kits




We are getting ready to take a direct hit from Hurricane Florence.  Turn on the Weather Channel and you'll see exactly what I am talking about.  With sustained winds of 120 miles an hour and eye of the storm coming right at us we have had to shut down operations and evacuate. 

We are expected to receive 40+ inches of rain and 20' storm surges. Folks, this isn't a joke. Wilmington is on the coast.  Our house 1 block from the Atlantic and our offices only 1 mile inland.  FEMA is telling anyone that stays behind to write their social security number and last name on their arms so responders can notify family.  

Obviously things can change, but at the time of writing this on Sept 12, the eye is heading right at us.  We are being told to expect prolonged power outages for up to 2-3 weeks.  No food, no stores will be open, and all the stations are already out of gas.