441 (Vinyl) 4-4-1 80's Alternative Christian Pop

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  • 1984 Blue Collar Recorsd
  • Alternative Pop
  • Pre-Owned Vinyl

A brief but major force in the 1980s Christian alternative music scene with Undercover, Altar Boys, Lifesavers, Lifters, Crumbacher, Adam Again and others.

Condition: Sleeve and Record are both Near Mint with no issues. Rather Perfect. The record has been professionally cleaned and tested. It's  been placed in a premium rice paper anti static master inner sleeve that is thicker than standard record sleeves and the jacket and record have been placed in a 3 Mil polyethylene sleeve and is thicker than standard record covers providing the durability and ultimate protective longevity.

Liner Notes: Tracks 1. Judgment Game (J. McNamara) 2. Love's Irony (J. McNamara) 3. Fish On The Car (J. McNamara) 4. Mom & Dad (J. McNamara) 5. Show Me (J. McNamara, G. Holland) 6. Break Out (J. McNamara) 7. In His Presence (J. McNamara, G. Holland) 8. Looking At You (J. McNamara) Bonus Tracks 9. Ronnie (J. Giali) 10. Break Out "Live" (J. McNamara) - recorded at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, 1985 John McNamara - Vocals & Guitars John Giali - Guitars Steve Giali - Drums & Cymbals Glenn Holland - Bass & Keyboards Background Vocals: Kenny Samuels & Bruce Swift; Timbales: Terl Bryant; Harmonica: Darryl Mansfield; Saxophone: Alan Palmer; Additional keyboards on "Show Me": Rob Watson; Additional guitar on "Show Me": Doug Doyle Thanks to: Randy Ziegler, Doug Doyle, Gaudesi Guitars, Rick Bundschuh, Wayne Charvel, Second Chance & Common Bond, Tom Swoverland, Russell Heistuman, Kenny Holland, Steve Acosta, John Larivee, Sue Hill and our Moms and Dads for support & food. And special thanks to Harry Barnes. Produced and engineered by Doug Doyle; Recorded at 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa, CA; All songs copyright Leisure Boys Music, 1984 (ASCAP). All rights reserved; All songs arranged by 441 and Doug Doyle. Back cover photography by Bill Valenzuela.

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