77's Seventy Sevens - All Fall Down (Vinyl)

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  • 1984 Word / Exit
  • Pre-Owned Vinyl in Flawless Cond.

    Condition: Sleeve and Record are both flawless. Look brand new. The record has been professionally cleaned and tested. It's  been placed in a premium rice paper anti static master inner sleeve that is thicker than standard record sleeves and the jacket and record have been placed in a 3 Mil polyethylene sleeve and is thicker than standard record covers providing the durability and ultimate protective longevity. 

    About the Album

    The 77s hadn't yet evolved into the rock/blues powerhouse they became in the 90s (and still are today). This record finds the band straddling jittery 80's pop and gritty bar rock. The results are half a dozen of the catchiest tunes the band ever released, and the rest are hardly filler.

    "Ba Ba Ba Ba" and "Someone New" absolutely define catchy. They should have been hits, and would have been if a major label had released them and put some promotion behind them. "Under the Heat" and "make a Difference Tonight" rival the angular pop of early Police and General Public." And "Mercy, Mercy" is a rave-up for the ages.


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