77's - Seventy Sevens (Vinyl)

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  • Exit / Island Records (90565-1)
  • Pre-owned Vinyl in NM condition. Pristine Condition.
  • Includes original inner lyric sleeve

Punk/Alternative band 77's 1987 release on vinyl.

Condition: Sleeve and Record are both NM Cond. The record has been professionally cleaned and tested. It's  been placed in a premium rice paper anti static master inner sleeve that is thicker than standard record sleeves and the jacket and record have been placed in a 3 Mil polyethylene sleeve and is thicker than standard record covers providing the durability and ultimate protective longevity.

Recorded for major label Island in 1987, The 77's was meant to be the record that catapulted the band from California cult icons to rock superstars. That it had the unfortunate honor of being both released with and overshadowed by another Island release -- U2's The Joshua Tree -- is irony at its most awful. Though The 77's earned a favorable write-up in Rolling Stone, Island was too busy handling the runaway success of U2 to figure out how to properly market the anachronistic band. It's a shame, because The 77's has the very sort of breadth and courage it would have taken to rescue the quartet from its niche-market status. Michael Roe & Co. come roaring out of the gate with "Do It for Love," a soaring and triumphant rock number that breathlessly eclipses all of their work up to that point. From there, Roe leads the band on a tour of regret and self-loathing, spiraling down through bitterness ("I Can't Get Over It") and heartbreak ("Frames Without Photographs") before finally arriving at chilling judgment ("I Could Laugh"). The music is either desperate or bitter, pausing only for the Byrds-ian jangle of "The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and the Pride of Life," a song that would become Roe's signature.


The 77's were formed in Sacramento in the early '80s by Mike Roe (vocals, guitar) Mark Tootle (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Jan Eric Volz (bass, guitar, vocals) and drummer Mark Proctor. Known at first as the Savage Young Scratch Band, the Christian band changed their name and released Ping Pong over the Abyss in 1982, and then replaced Proctor with Aaron Smith for All Fall Down two years later. Mark Tootle left after the 77's live album 88, but the group split up after 1990's Sticks and Stones. Roe then re-formed the band with Smith and two-thirds of the Strawmen: Mark Harmon (bass, vocals) and David Leonhardt (rhythm guitar, vocals). Seventy Sevens (originally titled "Pray Naked") was released in 1992. Drowning with Land in Sight appeared in 1994, and was followed by tom tom Blues. Roe has also recorded as a solo artist and with the Lost Dogs. In the late '90s, the group formed their own Fools of the World label and reissued many of their older albums, as well as releasing 1999's EP and 2001's A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows among other new titles.

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