All Star United - Love And Radiation (CD)

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‎After a nearly five year hiatus, alternative CCM rockers All-Star United return with the underwhelming Love & Radiation. While not an actively bad record, Love & Radiation feels curiously out of date: its blend of polite power pop hooks and boy-next-door vocals probably would have been right in keeping with the times around the middle of the '90s, right alongside one- or two-hit wonders like the Gin Blossoms, Del Amitri, Fastball and Deep Blue Something. Over a decade removed from that time, the album's occasional feints toward more modern sounds -- the utterly laughable halfhearted attempt at rapping on "Let's Rock Tonight" rivals Madonna's clueless drivel in "American Life" -- sound stilted and awkward, and the group's core sound isn't quite far enough removed from its time and place to sound retro-cool yet. As a result, Love & Radiation just kind of sits there, inert but inoffensive.

1 Love And Radiation
2 You You You (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
3 Before You Break My Heart
4 We Could Be Brilliant
5 Let's Rock Tonight
6 Jesus On The Radio
7 There's Gotta Be Something
8 The Song Of The Year
9 In The World Where Nothing's Wrong (You're Right)
10 Like Hallelujah
11 Take Me Away

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