Altar Boys - Gut Level Music GLM (CD) 2015 Limited Editon

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  • 2015 Limited Edition Digipack CD
  • Includes the missing song, I Just Can't Let Go
  • For Fans of The Ramones, The Clash, The Replacements, Undercover and 77's

Artist: Altar Boys
Title: Gut Level Music
Label: Girder Records
Release Date: 03/31/15
Format: Digipack CD
MSRP: $15.98
Catalog #: GM1005
Music Style: Punk Rock
UPC: 84512108377


In 1986 the Altar Boys headed to the studio to record 11 new songs for critically acclaimed release: Gut Level Music. The band recorded tracks for 11 songs, however somewhere in the recording process the album was trimmed down to just 10 songs. G.L.M. has been completely re-mastered and now includes the missing song, I Just Cant Let Go along with all the original 10 songs, new artwork, photos and band history.

Both the music and the message of the Altar Boys album G.L.M. is a force to be reckoned with. Like the Gospel itself, G.L.M. is simple, stands on its own, and wants to let you know that in the end, life does begin at the cross.

In early 1986 the Altar Boys headed into the studio to record 11 new songs for a third record that would result in the critically acclaimed release: Gut Level Music. Initially, the group recorded a basic guitar, bass, and drum tracks for all 11 songs. Somewhere in the recording process, the producers of the record and band decided to trim the album down to just 10 songs. The song they decided to leave off GLM was called I Just Cant Let Go. This decision meant that I Just Cant Let Go would not be finished and was permanently shelved, and long forgotten. With the original GLM 24 track tapes long gone and damaged in the early 90s, the only remaining recording of this song was a on a reference mix found on a cassette tape stuffed in Mike Stands desk drawer.

Mike recounts some of the history of I Just Cant Let Go. The odd thing about this song is that I dont believe we had ever played it live. Therefore, it was virtually untested and kind of put together and arranged by the band rather quickly. All of the tunes on GLM, as well as all of the songs on previous Altar boys recordings, were always put out there before a live audience and tweaked quite a bit before heading into the studio. Soí the idea of recording a song in this manner was very unlike us, as we were always wanting to make sure that we really owned the songs before going into the studio, We never had the time to do a lot of experimenting when doing an album, so we had no choice but to be very prepared before heading into the studio.

I do not remember exactly why we did not finish I Just Cant Let Go in the studio, Mike recanted. Perhaps we really only had time to finish 10 songs, and so one had to be left off, and that was the one. I kind of just forgot about the song and moved on to the next record.

Whatever the case is for not finishing I Just Cant Let Go, had it not been for a cassette tape that contained all the basic tracks from GLM, this song would have been virtually forgotten. At the urging of both Greg Hays at Girder Records and Mikes son Keith, Mike revisited the basic track of I Just Cant Let Go and was able to remember the vocal melody line some 30 years later that in itself is a real miracle, as the basic track of the song contained only a guitar, bass, and drums.

Mike went back into his studio, sat down, prayed and tried it again. In a short amount of time, it all came back to him. Every lyric line, and musical nuance just flowed out of Mike as if he had just written it that day. He quickly made a demo, and recognized/believed it to be a miracle from God.

A few weeks later Mike finished off the guitar tracks with his beat up 1953 GLM Telecaster and Marshall JCM 800 combo. The same guitar and amp setup he had used on the GLM session. In a few hours he finished a vocal track, and invited band mate Jeff Crandall to do a vocal harmony on the chorus. The song was mixed and mastered by his son, Keith Rogers, and is an Altar Boys anthem that holds up with the best of them.

It is a miracle that some 30 years later, a new song from the Altar Boys has come into fruition. The release and history of this song is testament to the longevity and ministry of the Altar Boys. I Just Cant Let Go has found its rightful place alongside all of the groups songs and is a welcome part of the Altar Boys musical history!


  1. You Are Loved
  2. G.L.M. (Gut Level Music)
  3. I'm Not Talking About Religion
  4. I Question It
  5. You Found Me
  6. I Just Can't Let Go (Never Before Heard track)
  7. Unconditional Love
  8. There is a Love
  9. Calling To You
  10. Final Hour
  11. Life Begins At the Cross

About the Altar Boys:

The Altar Boys were one of the most influential Christian punk rock bands of the 80s. Known for their high-energy, fist in the air, rebels-for-Jesus anthems, their Ramones-style punk rock and the delivery by Mike Stand, Jeff Crandall and Ric Alba, was both bold and aggressive. Their energy was simply infectious. The Altar Boys shared the stage with some of the greatest bands of their time such as The Alarm, Foghat, and Lone Justice and found themselves early on in southern California playing regularly with Undercover, Lifesavers, Common Bond, The Lifters and The Choir. The Altar Boys eventually landed major concert tours taking them throughout the U.S., Europe and South America. The Altar boys recorded five records in all. Their first album, Altar Boys Self-Titled, was released on MRC in 1984. Their follow-up release, When Youre a Rebel was released on Alarma Records in 1986. It wasnt until the release of Gut Level Music -or GLM as it was commonly referred to- in 1986, aimed at a more mainstream audience, that Altar Boys was ushered into the spotlight, selling nearly 50,000 units.

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