Amy Grant - Takes A Little Time (CD)

Sold out
  • New Factory Sealed
  • Hype Sticker
  • Myrrh Records
  • Video Footage
  • 3 Songs:  Takes A Little Time
                    Somewhere Down The Road
                    El Shaddai

This was the single release for her Behind the Eyes CD and has the 2 best songs off that album on it "Takes a Little Time" and Somewhere Down the Road" and she redoes her version of Michael Card's "El Shaddai.". Also has some great bonus features videos of behind the scenes footages. This is a great single album and worth the price if you can find it. Like I said it contains the 2 best songs off the Behind the eyes album and really the only reason for buying the album unless you are a huge fan of Amy Grant. A great collectors item for fans.

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