As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire (Vinyl)

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  • Vinyl is (beer / black splatter) in gatefold.
  • Release Date Oct 25

Reborn through pain, like iron shaped by fire behold the triumphant return of As I Lay Dying. The band's seventh album was produced by the band and was mixed by Joseph McQueen at Sparrow Sound in Los Angeles, CA while mastering was completed by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in Nashville, TN. The only exception was for the track "My Own Grave" which was produced by As I Lay Dying, co-produced by Drew Fulk and mixed by Adam "Nolly" Getgood. The album artwork was created by Corey Meyers. Vinyl is (beer / black splatter) in gatefold.

1 Burn to Emerge
2 Blinded
3 Shaped By Fire
4 Undertow
5 Torn Between
6 Gatekeeper
7 The Wreckage
8 My Own Grave
9 Take What's Left
10 Redefined
11 Only After We've Fallen
12 The Toll It Takes

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