Assailant - Same (CD)

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New, Factory Sealed CD.

Assailant is one of the most promising thrash bands from Latin America. Hailing from Heredia in Costa Rica this is not the most common home for quality thrash metal, but this release speaks for itself as for the music scene in Costa Rica, too. Playing slighty technical, Bay Area-influenced thrash – though far from being called progressive -, the band performs some well structured thrash tunes with catchy riffs and aggressive vocals with a hint of Slayer.

- Excellent Power Thrash like Nevermore and Communic
- The complete “Cold Pestilent Hope”-album for the first time on CD
- contains bonus track “Bound To Wrath”
- 12 pages-booklet with all lyrics, bio & pics
- Limited Edition (500 copies)

1. Defunct Existence
2. Prohibited To Reflect
3. A Shedding Of Violence
4. Pull To Brainwash
5. Spitting Our Soil
6. Pull To Brainwash (Live)
7. Spitting Our Soil (Live)
8. Defunct Existence (Rehearsal)
9. A Shedding Of Violence (Rehearsal)


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