Audio Adrenaline - Kings and Queens (CD)

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Opening with a clever sample -- that shouldn't be spoiled -- long lost Christian rockers Audio Adrenaline return like it "ain't no thang" on this 2013 effort, acting like the seven-plus years since their last effort were no big deal. Maybe it's even bigger news that former dc Talk member Kevin Max is their new vocalist (following in the footsteps of his bandmate Michael Tait, who ended up fronting Newsboys), but AA's former singer Mark Stuart (who resigned due to vocal cord damage) is here as executive producer, so this fresh and new album still has moments that are familiar and family. Uplifting numbers like the majestically rocking title track, the U2-like "Fire Never Sleeps," and the kinetic, new wavey throwback "King of the Comebacks" make this one of the more adrenaline-filled titles in the AA catalog, but fans expecting that guitar crunch and that barre chord punch are going to be greeted with moments that are more pop and polished than expected. It's a noticeable shift toward dc Talk territory that also comes off as natural. Add it all up and this is a comeback worth coming back to and another highlight in the band's discography.

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