Barren Cross - Rock for the King (Vinyl)

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  • Christian Rock
  • 1986 Star Song
  • For fans of: Iron Maiden, Bloodgood, Bride, Stryper, Saint, Deliverance

This rare gem sells on Amazon for between $125 - $200

This is the first edition cover that was released on Star Song in 1986. There were later releases that had a different cover. You can be confident this is the original pressing.

1986 "Rock For The King", first full length album by Barren Cross' set the stage for many great releases by the band however none of them carried the collect-ability, energy and drive quite like Rock for the King. The album was brilliant. So much so that it caught the eye of Enigma Records (Stryper's) record label back in 1985. Mike Lee (Michael Drive), Jim LaVerde, Ray Parris and Steve Whittaker

  1. Dying Day
  2. He Loves You
  3. It's All Come True
  4. Believe
  5. Going Nowhere
  6. Rock for the King
  7. Give Your Life
  8. Just a Touch
  9. Light the Flame

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