Beloved (us) - The Running (CD)

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  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2004 Solid State Records

This band wears its Christian roots on its shoulders. The Running EP, which originally came out before _Failure On_, shows flashes of the atmospheric melodic hardcore they would later adapt for that album but, its core sound, reminds me of Thursday's "Full Collapse"-- not so much in sound as much as I hear it in its urgency. The album has a desperation about it. The song "Kiss it Good Bye" was a crowd favorite (Beloved is now Defunct) and combined the bands expert grasp of melody with that previously mentioned urgency, making one cringe with an unknown regret as singer/songwriter Josh Moore screams ".

1 Kiss It Goodbye
2 The Blue Period
3 Going Through The Motions
4 Before There Was You, There Was Everything
5 The Aftermath
6 Into Your Arms

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