Best of Rez - Music To Raise the Dead (Vinyl)

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  • 1984 Light Records
  • LS 5838

The Best of Rez was a 1984 compilation that put together the best songs from their LIGHT RECORDS YEARS form Colors, Mommy Don't Love Daddy anymore and DMZ.  A great rocker with all the hits.

There was another compilation that came out in 1994 called THE LIGHT YEARS, this is not that one. 

  1. Colours
  2. Military Man
  3. Elevator Muzik
  4. Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore
  5. Amazing
  6. Area 312
  7. American Dream
  8. Autograph
  9. Can't Get You Outta My Mind
  10. So In Love With You

Christian rock pioneers the Resurrection Band formed during the early '70s, a product of the Jesus People USA revival movement sweeping the West Coast during that time; comprised of vocalists Glenn and Wendi Kaiser, guitarist/keyboardist Stu Heiss, bassist Roy Montroy, and drummer John Herrin, the group -- also known as simply Rez -- debuted in 1974 with Music to Raise the Dead, followed that same year by All Your Life. After a four-year hiatus, the Resurrection Band resurfaced with Awaiting Your Reply, beginning a highly prolific period that saw the group issuing a new LP virtually every year through the mid-'80s. With 1988's Silence Screams, they inaugurated their own label, Grrr Records. The band followed up Silence Screams with a number of additional studio albums, including Innocent Blood (1989), Civil Rites (1991), and Reach of Love (1993), as well as 1995’s Lament, a concept album with creative input from King’s X’s Ty Tabor. The band announced its dissolution following the Lament tour, although the Resurrection Band returned to the studio in 1997 to record the all-acoustic Ampendectomy album. The Resurrection Band gave a farewell performance in July 2000, although the group has reconvened for occasional live performances in subsequent years.

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