Bethel Music – Bright Ones (CD)


Bursting with life, the album is the soundtrack to the highly anticipated musical film (Bright Ones) releasing in May 2018, and contains a mixture of original songs and re-invented covers of several Bethel Music favourites. Set at the fictional highschool, River Valley School of the Arts, the dynamic storyline follows the lives of five students each on their own journey of embracing identity and taking new risks. The title track Bright Ones is bright and bold, with lyrics that tell of a generation who know who they are and aren't afraid to live out loud. The catchy pop tune, Never Gonna Stop depicts God as the loving Orchestrator of our lives and the One who walks with us through every adventure. Listeners young and old will resonate with the compelling new rendition of 2016's Worship Song of the Year, No Longer Slaves. Jenn Johnson's moving ballad, You're Gonna Be OK, is sung by her daughter Ta with power and tenderness. Each voice on this vibrant soundtrack testifies of the confidence, creativity, and freedom that comes from saying yes to God.


1. Bright Ones
2. Get Your Hopes Up
3. You’re Gonna Be Ok
4. No Longer Slaves
5. We Dance
6. Let My Life
7. Never Gonna Stop
8. Spirit Move
9. Magnetic
10. He Loves Me All The time
11. Who You Are
12. For The One
13. I Will Tell Nations

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