Bloodgood - Dangerously Close (Vinyl) W/ BONUS BEATLES TRACK

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Bloodgood's latest album is now available on vinyl. 
Bloodgood's latest record is now available on record.
Bloodgood's latest recording is now a vinyl record.
Bloodgood's latest album is on wax.

....  ok, you get it.

Album, record, vinyl, wax, it's the round 12" thing that is not silver.  

BLOODGOOD was inducted into the CHRISTIAN MUSIC HALL OF FAME for their influential contributions to the music industry thus far. "In the Trenches of Rock and Roll," a feature documentary film about the story of BLOODGOOD, was entered into film festivals all over the world, gaining major attention. The current band lineup is Michael Bloodgood, Les Carlsen, Paul Jackson, Kevin Whisler, & Oz Fox of Stryper! This is classic Bloodgood at the top of their game

Track Listing: "Lamb Of God" (3:24), "Run Away" (3:28), "Child On Earth" (5:29), "I Will" (3:27), "Bread Alone" (4:09), "Pray", "I Can Hold On" (4:15), "Run The Race" (4:04), "Father, Father" (4:06), "Man In The Middle" (4:09), "Crush Me" (2:52), "In The Trenches" (5:06)