BRIDE - SILENCE IS MADNESS (The Originals: Disc Three)

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Label: Retroactive Records - 2011

Band: Bride

Title: Silence Is Madness (The Originals: Disc Three)

In the words is No Life Til Metal?s Scott Waters, Another great heavy metal record from Bride!...The entire disc rocks, right up until the end  While its not as heavy as Live To Die, it?s every bit as majestic, haunting, and truly authentic as Bride had ever been. The 1989 release of Silence Is Madness had all the things Bride fans had come to love and expect, but showed the band?s willingness to embrace growth and maturity while staying razor sharp musically. This album is disc three in The Originals collectors series. The Originals series ? consisting of the first three BRIDE albums - brings back all the original vinyl artwork, lyrics, and band photos. Each of the three albums is packaged in a pristine 6 panel digipak featuring the original track listing, a three-part liner note story showcasing Troy Thompson's memories of the era. All three albums are absolute Christian metal classics. Sonically, all albums have been edited and digitally remastered for dynamic perfection. The difference between the original Silence Is Madness and this remaster is stunning. Fans swear it's a remix...but it isn't. The Retroactive remaster has given new life to these classic Bride tunes like never before!

Track Listing:

  1. Fool Me Once
  2. Hot Down South Tonight
  3. Silence Is Madness
  4. Until The End We Rock
  5. Evil Dreams
  6. Under The Influence
  7. All Hallows Eve
  8. No More Nightmares
  9. Rock Those Blues Away

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