Carman - God's Not Finished With Me (Vinyl) ULTRA RARE!!!! FIRST ALBUM.

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Carman Passed away on Feb 16, 2021

Carmelo Domenic Licciardello, most popularly known by his stage name Carman, died on February 16 at a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the age of 65. He was a contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter, along with being a TV host, life coach and Evangelist. As a musician, Carman left behind quite a legacy and was also known as the "Enigma in Christian Music".

  • Carman's very first independent album
  • This is the only copy left.

Only 400 were ever made and according to Carman a bunch were tossed out after his trunk took in water. Yep, he used to sell this one out of his trunk. We confirmed this when we met Carman and had an opportunity to discuss more about this album.  

Where did it come from? We’ll that’s a cool story in itself.  We had a bunch a Vinyl in stock and we’re contacting artists directly to see if they wanted to buy some to sell in their stores. We contacted a guy named Jimmy Lloyd who had an album entitled, “Kit and Jimmy Lloyd”.  We spoke with him for a while on the phone and he told me he was Carman’s first producer and mentioned this album. I didn’t see anything on Wikipedia about it, so I wasn’t sure how legitimate the story was, not that I had a reason to question him, things just didn’t line up. That was until five copies showed up at the Girder headquarters. I immediately called Jimmy Lloyd and he told me that he found some copies in an old box and thought I might like them. Just a few days later we got an opportunity to meet Carman face-to-face at which time he validated the story that in fact Jimmy Lloyd was the producer and the one that originally found Carman as a teenager in his church. He paid for Carman to go into a studio and record this album which Carman sold out of his trunk for his first few shows before the rest were destroyed.  Little did anyone know that there were a handful of these sitting in a box at Jimmy’s house.

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