Casting Pearls - CastingPearls (CD) cd/dvd

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  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2005 Inpop Records
  • Hype Sticker
  • Includes Full Length Live Concert DVD

Nebraska's Casting Pearls may be only a trio, but their amped up, melodic and infectious delivery carries enough electricity to power an outfit three times their size. Christian rock rarely sounds this manic. What the group lacks lyrically -- too much earnest but clichéd religious imagery that rarely strays from the words "him," "love" "free" and "light" -- they more than make up for in execution. Lead singer/guitarist Bryan Olesen possesses one of those fluid yet jittery voices that can go from heartbreakingly tender ("You Alone") to wild and fist-pumping ("Wastin' Time") without missing a beat. Casting Pearls grew up listening to -- and loving -- pre-alternative metal modern rock radio, and you can hear the echoes of grunge and early -Green Day punk-pop appearing throughout like little time machines, but the band manages to keep things tight and radio-friendly enough to appeal to today's listeners as well.

Track List

1. Weighted
2. Alright
3. Wastin' Time
4. Whole World In His Hands
5. All About Love
6. Focus
7. Revolution
8. Close Your Eyes
9. Love's Done Something
10. You Alone

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