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  • For Fans of Rez Band, Bride, Guns 'N Roses, Aerosmith
  • Blues Hard Rock / AOR
  • 10 Songs with/Lyrics


This 10 song album by CLEANZED SOUL released in 2017 but has gone virtually un-noticed, that is until now. This is one of those albums you shouldn't overlook especially if you are a fan of bluesy Hard Rock in the vein of Aerosmith, Bride, Rez Band or even Guns and Roses.  

Cleanzed Soul also has a 7" Vinyl Record (45rpm) in a reall cool color often reserved for just 12" full lengths. It contains 2 new songs, Slave to the Flesh and a slow bluesy rocker Rain on side B.  You can pick that up here.


** ABOUT DIGITAL MP3 DOWNLOADS: Digital downloads come in a .zip file and are MP3's of the entire album. Your download will arrive in an email to you, once the album ships.  You download will not come immediately after you purchase.


Craig Hedquist: Vocals, Guitar
Wade Kindel - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Shearer - Drums
Jon Porter - Bass


  1. Lord Please
  2. Change
  3. Money
  4. Ode To Samson
  5. Rain
  6. Back to the Wall
  7. Mustard Seed
  8. Shine On Me
  9. Second Coming
  10. The One



It’s no secret that I am a fan of blues based hard rock in all its forms.  Perhaps my favorite act within the genre is Chicago, Illinois based Resurrection Band, whose three decade career saw the release of 12 studio albums and 2 live albums to feature the duel lead vocal approach of front man Glenn Kaiser and front lady Wendi Kaiser.  Many swear upon 1980 release Colours as the groups finest and without doubt consistently heaviest, while others gravitate towards its most bluesy album and swan song effort Lament from 1995.  This reviewer, however, takes pleasure in Innocent Blood (1989) from how it draws equally upon both the heavier and bluesy sides to the Rez Band fence. 

No discussion in regards to the category, of course, would be complete without mentioning Bride.  Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Bride represents a partnership between siblings Dale (vocals) and Troy (guitars) Thompson, whom stylistically have been all over the map throughout a 14-studio album (and counting) career.  Yet, fans and critics alike attest Bride reached its artistic peak during its blues based hard rock period, which started with 1991 release Kinetic Faith but culminated two years later on follow up effort Snakes In The Playground, a work widely regarded as one of the finest albums to have come out of the Christian hard music scene.  Scarecrow Messiah from 1994 has received its share of accolades as well.

Another band to deserve similar note that also combines the best aspects of hard rock and the blues is Caspar, Wyoming based Cleanzed Soul.  Having formed in 2008 and independently releasing a three song EP in 2016 and its self-titled debut full length in 2017, Cleanzed Soul walks a fine line between the aforementioned Resurrection Band and Bride or at the very least is certain to appeal to fans of both.  On one hand, the group combines the at times heavy hitting guitars and shuffling blues bass presence to Rez Band, but on others it can also touch upon a more melodic and commercially viable Aerosmith meets Guns N’ Roses type sound not unlike Bride.

To pull off music of this capacity the right front man is required and such is what we have in Cleanzed Soul founding member and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Craig Hedquist.  With a classic tenor to middle register delivery rooted in the clean and raspy, I hesitate to offer direct comparison to the gritty style of Glenn Kaiser or soulful flavorings of Dale Thompson, but he fits the music at hand every bit well.  Opening cut “Lord Please” is a good indicator of his abilities, as he stretches and exhibits the full range to his voice on a song underscoring crashing guitar walls, strapping low end and abundant melody despite the combative scene.  This one would sound right at home on any mid-period Rez Band album.

- Angelic Warlord Review (Partial)

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