Code Of Ethics - Blaze (CD)

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Frontman and vocalist Barry Blaze (formerly Blazs) has utilized completely different lineups for each of his four albums of dance-pop gospel recorded as Code of Ethics. He had played in a band with Kevin Smith of DC Talk, but formed Code of Ethics in the early '90s with Eric Switzer. The duo released Visual Paradox on R.E.X. Music in 1991 and signed to Forefront Records, but Switzer left soon after. Rick Brainer and Scot Kifer joined for a self-titled sophomore album released in 1993, but Kifer left by the end of the year. Bassist Jeff Anderson took his place for 1995's Arms Around the World, but that lineup barely lasted into the next year. Barry Blaze recruited Charles Garrett, Jerry Mowrey, and Brian Carlson in 1996, and the trio recorded Soulbait for a 1997 release. In 1998, Scott "Skippy" Chapman and Rick Brainer made up the last Code of Ethics lineup, and the band played their last show in October of 2000. Code of Ethics has also released a remix album entitled Mix (1992) which features versions of songs on the Visual Paradox album reworked by Blaze and Ian Eskelin.

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