CRIMSON THORN - UNEARTHED (*NEW-180 Limited Run Vinyl, 2019, Bombworks Records)

Sold out

- 200 Unit Pressing
- Random color vinyl
- Black poly-lined sleeve
- Remastered for Vinyl
- First time ever on vinyl
- Includes Ripstream
- Ships in a No Regret Bufferzone Mailer (see pic)

Crimson Thorn is well-known as the Christian Cannibal Corpse.  A must-have for people who dig brutal death metal and the low-low growls. This album literally includes a liner note warning that no effects were used on the vocals! From beginning to end the blast beats, double bass assaults, gutteral growls, and multi-molten death metal fury never lets up!  Limited to just 200 copies, get your Limited Run Vinyl pure gutteral death metal while you can!

Unearthed 3:22
Decrepit 3:30
Cultivate Decay 4:04
Ignorant Self 3:03
Your Carcass 2:56
Asphyxiated 3:29
Malignant Masters 3:36
Defaced 3:10
Comatose 5:29
Immanent Wrath 2:26
No Exceptions 2:33

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