Crowder - American Prodigal (CD)

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  • New factory sealed CD
  • 2016 Sixsteprecords
  • Features Run Devil Run, My Victory, Forgiven.

So fresh, innovative and cutting edge in the Christian genre. I have been a fan of his from the beginning, and every CD offers some new perspective and musical style. Just when you think he can't top his past works, he goes and does it again! Run Devil Run is of course a great song! The hook has a little nod to that old song "Born to Hand Jive." Track after track on this CD just continued to blow me away! I like how DC isn't afraid to talk about the difficult subjects. From Neon Steeple to this CD, the subject matter is keeping it 100. I wish I could find a church that would even talk about the struggle and how real it is, and that the devil is real. Most churches just want to serve coffee and donuts and try to attract seekers. Talking about the devil is just too scary for most churches. But the enemy is real, and you'll figure that real quick once you start following Jesus. Thanks, DC, for putting the truth out there, both the good things and the challenging things. And just like "All You Burdens" says: WE SHALL OVERCOME with Jesus.

  1. American Intro
  2. Keep Me
  3. Run Devil Run
  4. My Victory 
  5. Prove It
  6. All You Burdens
  7. Back to the Garden
  8. Forgiven
  9. Promised Land
  10. All My Hope
  11. Shouting Grounds
  12. Shepard
  13. All We Sinners
  14. American Outro

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