DELIVERANCE - S/T DEBUT (1989, Intense Records) Original Issue

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Original Issue CD


The self-titled debut by Deliverance is one of the best speed metal albums ever released! I bought it as a new release in 89' and it still frequents my CD player over a decade later. It was around this time (1989) when I was searching for some good Christian metal. I bought this disc on the advice of the clerk at the record store I went to. When I got home the first thing I thought was, "Wow, these guys sound a bit like Death Angel." I played this disc so much that year that I could probably have sang any of the songs on it at a moments notice. Some of my favorites are album opener "Victory," the awesome classic "No Time," and speed metal classic "Deliverance," which features a soaring vocal performance by Jimmy Brown. The album was produced by legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer. This is just a solid album from beginning to end.

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