Don Fansisco - Forgiven (Vinyl) 1977

  • 70's / 80's Jesus Music / Folk
  • 1977 NewPax RecordsÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__
  • Includes "I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping"

New, factory sealed vinyl.

In 1977 Don Francisco recorded "I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping" for the albumÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__Forgiven. According to the Francisco's website: "We get more letters about the healing impact of this song than any other except 'He's Alive.'" It is one of the most uncompromising songs he has ever written and it is considered by many to be one of his best songs.

Don Francisco is a singer/songwriter, and musician. He has won two Dove awards, 1980 song of the year (for "He's Alive"), and 1980 Songwriter of the year.

Francisco's early career centered on the folk-rock music common during the mid-1960s, but after an experience Francisco believed was supernatural, he rededicated his life to God and changed his personal, musical direction.


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