Dual Edge - Knock Em Alive (Vinyl)

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  • Pre-owned, but NM cond. 
  • Contains the original inner sleeve with printed lyrics.
  • Original Pressing 1987 
  • For fans of Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Quiet Riot

Long out of print and fetching a hight price on ebay and amazon. This is an original pressing of Dual Edge's Knock Em Alive from 1987. 

Dual Edge is 80's melodic metal and hard rock band similar to Stryper, Guardian, Holy Soldier, Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison.  Check out the song New Life if you want to hear Rick's incredible guitar work.  This guy shreds.  Knock Em Alive the title track on side two is Sunset Strip at it's best sounding like early Motley Crue, with energy and one incredible intro.  

Side One

  1. Lift Him Up
  2. Fight For The Light
  3. Be With You
  4. New Life
Side Two
  1. Knock 'Em Alive
  2. Take It To The Bank
  3. The Light
  4. Follow Your Dreams

Scott Turner – Lead Vocals
Rick Wald – Guitars
John Avery – Bass
Terry Steinmeyer – Drums