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42 Minute long 6 track E.P. - BLACK METAL!

Very rare early Bombworks Records E.P. Raw black metal fury is unleashed on Evroklidon's debut album. Evroklidon manages to exude this primal rawness while maintaining high production standards, skilfully blending atmosphere and furore to produce an assault on the senses that is brutal yet enjoyable to listen to. The result is 6 very long songs that should satisfy any black metal appetite.


Love it! I generally only reveiw records I really like or really hate- weird? I dont know, maybe... But very few mid-level recordings I find ineresting enough to actually reveiw; well, here is another terrific black metal recording for you Jesus fans :) Its very cool to me that in spite of the dark, gritty old-school type of black metal here, you can actually see light on these guys faces, and hear it in their music- its kinda strange really, Good black metal is too distorted, too dark, too fast, too brutal- And this album has ALL of that :)... but it also has the integrity and heart of guys reaching out to hopeless people! very cool. Great guitar hooks, memmorable songs, outstanding black metal vocals/screeches/growls- some of the best i've heard. A couple of these 6 songs clock in around 10 min. a peice! Several "epics" on this great CD. Find it, buy it.

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