FEARSCAPE - SCENT OF DIVINE BLOOD (*NEW-CD, 2007) Progressive Black Metal

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1. "Scent of Divine Blood" (10:13)

2. "Abaddon Destroyer" (5:37)

3. "Inheritance of Dust" (8:49)

4. "Falls of Crimson Free" (6:46)

5. "Terrible Majesty" (7:55)

6. "Ex Animus Ad Astrum" (3:27)

This album is almost an offense to the senses. The music is beautiful, well played and contains some nice melody, solid musicianship and great riffs. At times I am reminded of bands like Opeth. The music moves and flows with both heavy, brutal metal passages and melancholy moments. It's all quite progressive without being overly technical. Then there are the vocals which are, for the most part, death metal growls. It's such a contrast that at times I love it and at times I hate it. I feel the same way about Opeth at times. I don't know that that is a bad thing. Actually, it may be a good thing. Without a doubt, "Scent of Divine Blood" is mood music for me. It's almost like Pink Floyd. This is not something you are going to listen to when you want to "rock out", but it might be something for those moments when you just want to chill, listen and enjoy.

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