Glass Harp - Synergy (Vinyl) Phil Keaggy

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  • DECCA 1971 - Their 2nd Album 
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In 1968, Phil Keaggy and longtime friend drummer John Sferra, along with bassist Steve Markulin, formed the band Glass Harp. In the late '60s and early '70s a power rock trio from Youngstown, Ohio called Glass Harp reached for the stars. They must have made contact, as references to stellar events seem to pervade much of their music. As a reviewer of their debut album observed," fewer than five songs mention the sky, and three of the remaining ones talk about things like stars, rainbows, and the moon." They were a bare bones group in the tradition of Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and fellow Ohio band, The James Gang. But Glass Harp developed a signature sound of their own.

The lighting style and precise technique of the bands 18 year old guitarist Phil Keaggy, who aside from his youth, had the use of only nine fingers. Neither which impeded his ability to produce highly lyrical solos. Combined with the tasteful, rhythmic bass lines of Daniel Pecchio and the sharp, assertive drumming of John Sferra, Glass Harp created a wall of sound that would thrill sell-outs across america, touring with the likes of, Traffic,Yes, The Kinks, Humble Pie, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Grand Funk Railroad. 

In all, the band's recorded output consisted of three critically- acclaimed LPs- all released on the Decca(MCA) label-Glass Harp, Synergy, and It Makes Me Glad. In spite of their short lived life, the band managed to imprint an indelible mark on the history of rock 'n' roll. Performing with some of the biggest bands of the day on stages ranging from the Filmore to Carnegie Hall.

  1. One Day At A Time
  2. Never Is A Longtime
  3. Just Always
  4. Special Friends
  5. Coming Home
  6. Song Of Hope
  7. Child Of The Universe
  8. Mountains
  9. Answer
  10. Dawn Of A New Day
  11. Let The Bells Ring*


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