Guardian - Buzz (CD)

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  • New Factory Sealed
  • 1995 Myrrh
  • CD includes All four covers


Guardian is generally regarded as one of the two or three best groups to make the transition from 80s metal to modern post-grunge rock without losing their sense of style or integrity. Universally praised for excellent musicianship, they had a penchant for ignoring expectations, even of their fans, and an uncanny knack for not taking themselves too seriously. By the time Buzz was released in 1995, produced by Steve Taylor, they had moved back to a harder sound like Aerosmith, as Jamie Rowe added more bite and snarl to his singing, and Tony Palacios incorporated more blues licks into his heroic guitar solos. Steve Taylor co-wrote the lyrics to five of these songs, contributing to the zaniness.Released on Myrrh Records with four different 'BUZZ' covers. The songs are the same on each one.

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