GX PROJECT - RAZE SOME HELL (X-sinner vocalist)

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Review: GX 'Raze Some Hell'

Not knowing quite what to expect from the GX Project's new album after the band has already delivered two blistering albums with their debut 'Bite Stick' and the follow up 'Sinner' I put the molton lava arted disc into my player. At first I thought I had accidently selected the tuner option as radio airplay started coming out of my speakers but then quickly realized it was coming from the CD. The title track starts out with the sound of FM radio getting scanned for some juicy track and you hear various announcers say 'up next we've got GX' in between dial scanning which abruptly kicks in to 'Raze Some Hell'. The hook is instant as both guitarists bounce complimentary riffs at each other. The song builds until it explodes into a mega chorus with Rex reaching his sand paper grit vocal style on ten. The production level has been raised a notch which I actually didn't think possible after hearing the first two albums. The walls of guitars are bigger on this one and Rex's vocals sound even better. The bass is huge but tight and everything gels nicely. There are more backing vocals on this one as well which compliments the tracks. Without catching a breath the next song 'Gonna Burn' kicks in and keeps the pedal to the metal. The choruses on the whole album are infectious but especially so on this cut. This song has a cool solo section where the bass guitar actually goes first and shreds then Rex rips in with his fiery portion and Glenn launches in after Rex's finishing whammy bar dive bomb. I won't spoil the song ending but it is great. 'Hard Working Woman' is up next and is about a hard working single mom. It's a tribute and a tastey one at that. Classy tune. Glenn's soloing is very Van Halen like and he tears it up on entire album including this song. Without letting up the band kicks in to a Nirvana-like riff for 'Hungry Heart' and the chorus is hook city. By this time I'm starting to think 'does this band write a crappy song ever?'. Each cut compliments the next and just keeps building as the album plays along. 'Don't Let Go' smashes in with authority next and is probably going to be one of the singles released as it is one of the more commercial sounding tracks on the album. Rex sings this one in an up close and personal style that is very cool. Rex doesn't scream as much on this album as on the last album and it is a refreshing change. Don't get me wrong, he still delivers some of that well known 'gargle with glass' style on this one but not as much. He sometimes sings in his Zion voice which is smoother and I like the change ups. Both work well here. The next song is 'Give Em Hell' which sounds like it's about Jesus kicking the money changers out of the temple. Another hook laden song with powerful backing vocals. Glenn's solo shines once again. Ward Pike one of the backing singers does a great job here. Without missing a beat 'What I Need' kicks in with a 'Who Made Who' vibe. Rex's singing is top notch here and the choruses are excellent. This song drives along nicely and is very well written. The next song has a stagger in feel and is a humorous look at getting ripped off in one's day to day living . 'Just Got Screwed' combines humor and hooks. This song would make for a very funny music video. The tongue and cheek humor continues with 'She's Got Balls' a song about a speak her mind woman with back bone. Rex delivers his finest Bon Scott imitation ever on this cut. It brought a smile to my face as I listened. I know some ultra conservative types may baulk at this song but it's one of my favorites and it's really just harmless fun delivered GX style. The song drives well and kicks. Glenn's soloing on this one is insanely good. It's Angus and Eddie on steroids. Without a second to lose 'Can't Stop Rock n Roll kicks in. GX has always ended their albums with an uptempo cranker and this album is no different. This thing just builds and builds to a rock n roll climax. The gang style choruses are huge and unrelenting. There is a surprise unlisted bonus cut after this song but I won't spoil it for you. It's title is 'Wait For It Wait For It'. In summary I'd say this is the best GX album yet and I have no idea how the band thinks they can top this effort but I wish them the best in trying. A definite must have album for melodic metal hard rockers of all ages.

B. Hanson

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