GX PROJECT - SINNER (X-sinner lead vocalist)

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The GX Project summer of 2014 sophomore album Sinner in quotes from Southern California based founding member and vocalist/guitarist Rex Scott:

?This is the most true rock ?n? roll album I've ever done. It's rock ?n? roll from beginning to end and I love it. I've done metal, hard rock and pop rock but this is real rock ?n? roll?.

Such is the ethos about Sinner. It?s about rock ?n? roll heart, guts and soul, as can be found in the GX Project high energy presence that hearkens back to Scott?s signature group X-Sinner and its fiery AC/DC influenced releases Peace Treaty and World Covered In Blood from 1991 and 2008, respectively. It?s every bit as much about rock ?n? roll muscle and swagger, reflected in bluesy sensibilities that bring to mind Bride and Thieves & Liars but mixed with streetwise toughness characteristic to Main Line Riders, Junkyard and other bands with a sound straight off the Sunset Strip. It?s also rock ?n? roll from the standpoint of guitar hooks and immediate sensibilities that remind of Zion, the commercial heavy group in which Scott cut his teeth during the late eighties.

But most of all it?s rock ?n? roll in terms of being pure GX Project, in taking a similar musical heading as the groups critically acclaimed (85% Angelic Warlord review) 2012 full length debut Bite Stick. In other words, GX Project, a joining of Scott and Canadian guitarist Glenn Thomas, draws upon the musical leanings of the above referenced to create a sound that can best be described as straightforward hard rock with incisive metal edges but in a bluesy rock ?n? roll package! - Angelic Warlord

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