Huntingtons - Plastic Surgery (CD)

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  • 2000 Tooth & Nail Records 
  • TND1154

Having grown up in Baltimore, MD, Mikey (bass/vocals) and Cliffy (guitar) Huntington found out that they had something else in common aside from their identical last names: the Ramones and the Good Book. With those inspirations, the Huntingtons started out under a different moniker playing a brand of what they considered "bad garage rock" for the next three years to come. Upon recording two EPs in 1996 entitled Sweet Sixteen and Rock 'N' Roll Radio -- which weren't released until 1998 -- and their first full-length, Fun and Games in 1997, the Huntingtons moved on to more of a poppier sound with The Only One EP released that same year. After a US tour with Blaster the Rocketman and another 7" entitled "You're Not Right" b/w "Babysitter," the Huntingtons lineup was eventually settled in with C.J. (guitar) and Davey (drums) continuing on with the band's luck of finding members with the same last names. A deal with Tooth & Nail Records followed, resulting in the release of their first straight pop-punk full-length, High School Rock in 1998. Followed by the live The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and a Ramones cover album entitled File Under Ramones all released within the same year, 1999 saw two more Huntingtons albums, Get Lost and Plastic Surgery. A split release with Darlington followed in early 2000.

1 I Wanna Be A Ramone
2 Heartbreak Of The Hardy Holly
3 American War Machine
4 I Would Give You Anything
5 Tell Me Goodnight
6 Moral Threat
7 I'll See You Tonite
8 Growing Up Is No Fun
9 Girls Gone Crazy
10 Don't Clone Me
11 I Don't Wanna Go Out With Her
12 Now I'm Alright
13 I'm Not Dangerous
14 Mutant Monster Beach Party

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