Jars of Clay - Much Afraid (CD)

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  • 1987 Essential Records
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"Fade to Grey" and "Frail" were both previously from the group's debut demo recording Frail in 1994. All other tracks from that demo were recorded for the debut album Jars of Clay in 1995. Both songs were changed significantly, especially "Frail" which was previously an instrumental piece which now contained lyrics. Notably, these songs were two of the first songs written by Jars of Clay.

The album features the multi-instrumental Greg Wells, who went on to produce OneRepublic, Katy Perry, Pink, and Rufus Wainwright, who plays drums and bass guitar on almost every song and co-wrote "Tea And Sympathy" and the single "Crazy Times".

The song "Five Candles (You Were There)" was originally written for the soundtrack to the Jim Carrey film Liar Liar, as the film is centred on a five-year old's birthday wish, but the song was cut from the credits in favor of a blooper reel. The song was subsequently featured on a few other movie soundtracks. The album's title is a reference to the main character in Hannah Hurnard's allegorical novel Hinds' Feet on High Places.

One track that was recorded during the Much Afraid sessions that did not make the final track listing is "Fly Farther". The song, featuring vocals from Alison Krauss, was finally released in 1999 on The White Elephant Sessions.

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