John Schlitt - Go + Jamie Rowe - This is Home (Limited Run Vinyl 2 album Combo)


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  • Release Dates Aug 7, 2020
  • Limited Run Vinyl - Limited to 200 Units 
  • Ships in bufferzone mailer
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    • Lead Vocalist of Christian Rock band PETRA
    • The Album Petra Fans Always Wanted!!!
    • Color Vinyl Ivory with Teal Blue Sky Swirl
    • 2-Sided Printed Inner Sleeves with Lyrics, amazing write-up and Photos

    Last year, 2019, John Schlitt pulled off what seemed to be the impossible... recreate that amazing Petra sound without sounding dated.  Yep.. this is what Petra fans waited for.  Petra's frontman no longer needs to hide in the shadows of his former band Petra. GO is aggressive and quite a surprise.  It's everything you wanted from Petra but never got.  It's flashy, it's fun and it's quite heavy both lyrically and musically.  Sure we loved Petra and those were fun years, but if you're going to make an album in 2019/2020, this is the way it's done.  From the graphics to the music, it just clicks on all cylinders and now available in this limited vinyl Sky Swirl effect, but only 250 are being made. Ready, set, GO!


    SIDE A

    1 Go 4:06
    2 Feel It 3:38
    3 Takin' It Higher 3:49
    4 Fighting The Fight 4:31
    5 Just Let Go 3:23
    6 Time Keeps Rollin' 4:35

    SIDE B

    7 Where Would I Be 4:00
    8 Find A Way 5:05
    9 Fake News 4:08
    10 Let's Go 3:46
    11 Not Dead Yet 3:56



    • Lead Vocalist of Christian Rock band GUARDIAN
    • Pre-Order Now
    • Release Date Aug 7th
    • Limited to 200 Units 
    • Color Vinyl Translucent Midnight Blue Splatter
    • 2-Sided Printed Inner Sleeves with Lyrics, amazing write-up and Photos

    Jamie Rowe is the voice of Guardian, a true legend in the Christian Rock scene. Jamie's new solo album, This Is Home, dropped on the scene last year (2019) without much fanfair, however it deserves your attention. Why? Because it is spectacular!!!

    Jamie did everything right. He did not neglect those tried and true melodies and riffs that Guardian fans long for, but the rock music here definitely has a swampy, bluesy, hint of a back roads country feel to it. It very Nashville, yet unapologetic.   Jamie's voice wrapped around jagged rock riffs and melodies with guitar, fiddle, banjo, and a world class producer (Guardian/LeeAnn Rimes), this is a class act, quality product from beginning to end. This Is Home showcases a whirlwind of musical maturity and growth for one of our favorite vocalists ever.  Get ready to enjoy one of the top releases of 2019!  Yes, it's that good and on vinyl it's only going to sound even better.  But you better grab yours quick, because it's limited to just 200 copies of this very special splatter.  

    Now Go Watch These Videos... It'll Convince You... Promise.


    SIDE A
    1.Let’s Get This Party Started
    2.Better off than Yesterday
    3.Born Again
    4.This is Home

    SIDE B
    1.Life is Better
    2.Kissin on You
    3.Jesus is the Way
    4.This Side of Eternity

    Produced by: Jamey Perrenot, Jamie Rowe
    Engineered by: Jamey Perrenot
    Mixed by: Billy Decker
    Mastered by: Billy Decker


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