Judas Priest - Stained Glass (CD) *2 Bonus Tracks

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  • Remastered 
  • Jewel Case
  • 2001 Sony Music


Originally recorded in 1978.  Includes 2 bonus tracks recorded earlier in the bands career.  BETTER BY YOU, BETTER BY ME was recorded live during one of the many tours. 

The album is a gem among the JP catalog. This one is special and has a darker feel to it, more real then anything after or before it. There is not one bad track on it. However the bonus tracks don't belong here. They don't fit in with the rest of the tracks and kind of ruin the mood of the album. I like this album so much that I bought the original CK release pre remastered version cause I want the album how it was first meant to sound and the original to have in my collection. The other favorite of JP albums is "Painkiller" and that too is preferred in it's original version before being remastered. The Judas Priest Remasters are not recommended. When I purchased this CD I thought I was buying the original version like the picture shows in the JP logo in red, on the remasterd cover JP logo is in silver with a silver boarder along all 4 sides of the cover. I was mislead and got the remastered version.

Perhaps the top 5 Judas songs are found somewhere else, but never has the band sounded more consistent, varied and tighter throughout as in this record. The opener is a Painkiller twelve years earlier, a hilarious expression of raw power and tireless assault. Then it follows a terrific set of songs, of unwavering quality, a combination of shorter numbers, and more sprawling and articulated songs. In my opinion, it's mainly the contribution of the latter to elevate this record to such heights that will not be reached again, not even in fans favourites such as British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance. The scope and consistency of tracks like Stained Class, Saints in Hell and Beyond the Realms of Death has few comparisons in the band's catalogue.

The lyrics, more serious and effective than usual, the ambitious song structure and the focused attitude of the band help creating an atmosphere of viciousness and mystique, which completely lack in following albums, the 80s records appearing jolly and playful by comparison.

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