KEN TAMPLIN and Friends - WAKE THE NATIONS (CD/DVD, 2003, Song Haus)

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CD + DVD Set


Disc 1

The Story Of Love 4:47

We've Jihad Enough 3:11

Falling Houses 5:08

The Man With A Plan 5:07

Hare' Kristians 4:07

Wake The Nations 3:56

God In Heaven 5:13

Peace On Earth 4:17

Mystery 4:13

Cell Phone Freaks 3:40

Livin' Large 4:41

7 Eleven People 3:53

Saints And Heroes 3:53

Waiting For Your Love 4:21

Every Day Is Precious 4:59

Come Together 4:04

Sing 5:17

Freedom 3:52

Disc 2

The Story Of Love

Falling Houses



If you like Ken Tamplin's previous efforts, buy this CD now! If you've never heard of Ken Tamplin but you like melodic-hard-rock, read on.

You won't be disappointed at all. Tamplin (and his host of axe-wielding friends) is in great form on this CD. His vocals are are in great shape and sound superb - he keeps his singing in the mid- to low registers, where it sounds best. The songs are mostly along the lines of rockers Tamplin's known for being good at, while throwing in plenty of thought-provoking social commentary (We've Jihad Enough, Hare Kristians) and humor (Cell Phone Freaks, 7 Eleven People) at the same time.

Let's talk guitars. I love solos, and this CD is full of 'em, from a who's who list of guest soloists. Tamplin has perfected the Art of Shred (actually he accomplished this a long time ago-i.e. Shout's "In Your Face") and paints them into his songs beautifully. If you've been dying to hear some great guitar soloing, most modern bands simply aren't delivering. But trust me: you'll get an earful on this CD! That said, this album doesn't sound dated or 80's-ish. It's definitely got a modern sound, but with many of the musical elements that made those old bands so much fun.

Finally, I have to point out that this album is quite a bargain. At 79 minutes and 18 songs, in a double-disc case with a DVD that has 2 videos and some fun behind the scenes clips, you are getting you're hard-earned pennies' worth, and then some. It's a no-risk deal if you're a melodic-hard-rock/guitar-solo fan. Buy this CD, turn it up LOUD, and enjoy one of the finest modern-era hair bands around today.

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