Larry Norman - Bootleg (The One Way Sessions 1969 - Vinyl)

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  • 1971 One Way Records 
  • Pre-owned DOUBLE Vinyl in VG++ condition.

Contains the following but keep reading for the details.

  3. 1970-1971 MIXED MEDIA
  4. 1971-1972 MARANATHA

This documentary record covers the last four years of music by Larry Norman and was compiled from the private tapes and recordings of Kristy Norman and others and covers the years 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972. Tracks include: I Think I Love You Walking Backwards Ha Ha World Classical Mandolin I Don't Believe in Miracles The Day that a Child Appeared What Goes Through Your Mind No Change Can Attend One Way A Song Won't Stop the World Blue Shoes White 666 (the Anti-Christ) Taking My Time I've Searched All Around Television Interview Let the Lions Come (Speech to Russia for Christ) Jesus and the Movies Addressing the National Youth Workers Convention When I First Met You Without Love You Are Nothing A Love Like Yours You CAn Save Me Even If You Don't Believe U.F.O. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus Song for a Small Circle of Friends


* * This record have been professionally cleaned and comes in a 3 Mil Poly sleeve as well as record has been placed in a new dustless sleeve.


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