LARRY NORMAN - BOOTLEG (2-CD Set, 2005, Solid Rock)

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2 CD Set, Authorized CD-Rs by Larry's Solid Rock Records!

Reviewed by Mike Rimmer

Originally released in 1972, 'Bootleg' was a double vinyl album collecting together demos and underground recordings of songs from 1968 to 1972. A dozen of the songs here would reappear in rerecorded finished form on his proper record label releases so like the title suggests these 'Bootleg' recordings are effectively demos. For those starved of new material from Norman in the '70s, this became a significant release and if you once had this on vinyl you'll want to get hold of this. The rough demo quality of the recordings don't diminish some of the songs where these are the only versions ever released. So the piano songs "No Change Can Attend" with its Jaggeresque vocal and "I Think I Love You" still rock along nicely. Other highlights include the live version of "Blue Shoes White" which illustrate what an incredible live performer Larry was in his prime. The start of the second CD features some media interviews and speaking and one of the absolute highlights of the album is "Addressing The National Youth Workers Convention" where he sings "Sweet Song Of Salvation", working hard to get some audience participation from a bunch of youth leaders. It's hilarious! Other highlights include a rocking version of "Righteous Rocker", a beautiful, short sweet piano ballad "Even If You Don't Believe" and a raw version of "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus". All in all, these are classic early '70s Jesus music recordings and for an overview of Larry Norman's music, they are essential listening


The Red Letter Edition. This is the original artwork concept and the four sides of Larry's message to the world around him. This is a double album and contains all of the music from the original pressings. It's a fascinating retrospective look at where much of modern Christian music has evolved from. Disc 1 1968: The Early Years 1969: One Way Sessions 1. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 2. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 3. I Think I Love You 4. Walking Backwards 6. Ha Ha World 7. I Don't Believe In Miracles 8. The Day That A Child Appeared 9. What Goes Through Your Mind 10. No Change Can Attend 11. One Way 12. A Song Won't Stop The World 13. Blue Shoes White 14. 666 (The Anti - Christ) 15. Taking My Time 16. I've Searched All Around The World Disc 2 1970 - 1971: Mixed Media 1971 - 1972: Maranatha 1. Television Interview 2. Let The Lions Come (Speech To Russia For Christ) 3. Jesus And The Movies 4. Addressing The National Youth Workers Convention (Give Them All To Jesus) 5. When I First Met You 6. Without Love You Are Nothing 7. A Love Like Yours 8. You Can Save Me 9. Even If you Don't Believe 10. U.F.O. 11. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus 12. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

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