Larry Norman - Home At Last (Double Album) 2XLP

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Double LP in plain jacket and with blank white labels. This album was released in 1989 on Solid Rock Records with a  single white jacket, with white labels. Some copies came with an insert (as shown). The last 4 songs were only made available on this unmarked double vinyl set.

A1 Lonely Boy
A2 My Feet Are On The Rock
A3 Country Church
A4 Sitting In My Kitchen
B1 Camel Through A Needle's Eye
B2 Nightmare #49
B3 Oh, How I Love You
B4 Queen Of The Rodeo
B5 He Really Loves You
B6 Here Comes The King
C1 Letters To The Church
C2 We Three Together
C3 Somewhere Out There
C4 Selah
C5 Instrumental

The tracks listed below were only available on the double vinyl release. They are live tracks apart from Nightmare #49 which is an instrumental and Shake Your Rattle And Crawl, which is a studio recording that was unreleased at the time. The band perform Happy Birthday To You at the end of Camel Through A Needle's Eye.

D1 Letters
D2 Camel
D3 Surprise With Candles
D4 King
D5 Shake Your Rattle And Roll

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